Layout & Halloween!

Oct 8, 2016 Posted By Jessica, 1 Comment »
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Hi! I’ve been so incredibly busy non-stop for a couple weeks now. Since about a week before the last update, I’ve had hardly any free time. My mom’s birthday was on the 24th and since then she’s had about 3 doctor appointments. She has a follow-up in about 2 weeks, making that the 4th appointment. Although I was disappointed I was unable to go to school this semester, I am sort of happy I don’t have the stress of school on my mind. Too much in going on.

As for the site, I made a tutorial on this website layout. I need to make the sidebar/content tutorial, but I’ve been busy as I said before. I also made two Halloween tutorials, a quick zombie and real cat ears.

I haven’t done much besides that and reorganize all my sites. I’ll try to get some new stuff out.

I hope you all are doing well. I’ll try to reply to everyone soon. Stay safe!

A new layout~

Sep 10, 2016 Posted By Jessica, 1 Comment »
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[[EDIT]] I am in the process of making a video tutorial for the complete layout (header+content images). It might be a little long, since there are several steps. Otherwise, it’s a very simple layout! I’ll post it here as soon as I upload it! [[/EDIT]]

I’m so shocked that I made this layout as quickly as I did. I absolutely love it. Everything fell together perfectly. Of course, I went through about twenty different headers before I really felt interested in completing one. I wanted a darker theme, but not like blood red/browns dark. Then, I found these really nice pictures of Nicholas Hoult that seemed super autumnal. I finished the base blend, but I didn’t know how to add flare to it. So I took some time going through all the graphics and resources saved on my computer and found a ton of beautiful galaxy textures (credits for the current layout are in the sidebar, under the site stats). I love galaxy textures so much. Honestly, I think a little too much. My wallpaper is filled with about 20 different textures. Eg. below, my currently wallpaper.


I have some other previews and codes to change on the site, which I’ll get to in a little while. I have some random textures and edits I don’t know what to do with. I might upload them, I might not. I have to change my coding and previews specifically for the actions page, because it’s looking a little tacky.

I hope you’re all well, I might edit this as time goes by today/tomorrow as I add new graphics and change some stuff around. Please tell me if you find an error or if something looks off.

Stay safe~