Where do I begin? Long post!

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Life has been so hectic, I can’t even find words to describe it. Hopefully everything will settle down from this point on. Before I start, I just wanted to say that my mom is alright. She was going in for mammograms and diagnostic testing after they found a mass. It’s not cancer, it’s just a fibrous growth. All good~ It actually led to a falling out my with mother’s mother (long long story) after she couldn’t take the time out of her day to wish my mother luck or even respond to a phone call. But, I never liked her anyway (long, long, long, long story). We had some issues with our former landlord, but now it’s behind us. Looking towards a positive future.

As for school, I applied for my associates degree about a month ago, but never went in to sign for it. I just wanted to wait until all this election stuff was over. They were protesting at the school and on freeways, at parks, in the air, under water, etc. I didn’t want to get wrapped up in the drama. So I’m going to sign for it this week. I think it will be in humanities, but I’m not sure. I asked them to recommend my major. It was also Thanksgiving, which can be pretty exhausting. It went smooth but you know life. Now Christmas is coming and New Year’s.

Now! For an important announcement. Recently, I dropped my computer (about a foot off the ground, but I still dropped it) and it started ticking. I’m not quite sure if it’s the click or tick of death, because it doesn’t sound like it. One person said it might be the fan and to cover the vent and see if it fixes it. I covered the vent and it seems to fix it, so I’m guessing it’s the fan. Not sure though. I don’t want to try anything until I have a new computer. Which leads me to my announcement. I bought a new computer. Honestly, with all that is happening I don’t have the money, but I’m hoping people will feel encouraged to click on my google ads X} on my videos. Luckily, I waited for a while and found one on payments for a great deal. You can see the full specs by clicking here.


It’s an HP 15in 12gb ram, 2tb hard drive in silver. I wanted the lilac, but I went with something more professional. I hate Windows 10 with such a passion, that is why I still use this current laptop. I think with 12gb ram it should be enough to run Windows 10 smoothly without any bumps. I’m surprised, for a 15in, it has a dvd/disc drive. The one thing I am excited about, besides the space, is the lifetime U.S. based tech support because HP has the rudest overseas support. Literally, the hinge broke on this laptop a few months after I got it (current laptop) so I called support to get it fixed. He yelled at me and demanded I buy another 2 year warranty and if I didn’t accept it I wouldn’t be able to buy it once we hung up. Anyway, it should be coming soon.

As for the site!

I have rearranged and updated a lot of the site. I moved almost all my video tutorials over to their own pages on this site rather than linking to youtube. I added image previews to all the tutorials listed under Photoshop Tutorials so you can see what you’re clicking before you click it. I’ll be revamping the program tutorials soon. I want to wait for the new computer to make new program/css tutorials. I added two new photoshop tutorials, just edits. You can check them out by clicking the links/images below.

I, once again, updated the action previews. Photobucket keeps going down and I don’t want to risk my site or annoy my followers so I changed the hosting site. Well! I have to get replying to all the comments and messages. Sorry for my lack of online availability. I’ve been really bleh. I hope you all are well and safe!

Oh! I forgot~ The computer also comes with PaintShop Pro X9, so I can make PSP tutorials (once it arrives). I haven’t used PSP in YEARS, but hopefully I’ll remember quickly!

I’m alive! I’m here…

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I’m just really busy right now and I just got back from a major event in my life. I’m still waiting for word on that.

Life is super hectic, I have quite a few holidays coming up (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). I have to go shopping and I have an interview coming up. I’m just really really really busy and I’m waiting for news that should come any day now.

Please please please wish me luck! Keep me in your thoughts.

I’ll be replying soon~ I also made a ton of updates and changes around the site I’ll post about soon.