Changes coming…

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So many changes are coming~ I finally got switched over. It took me longer than I thought because life kept interrupting. The current house I live went under renovations non-stop from January 18th to Ferbruary 16th. The original bathroom and heater were better than the new ones. We finally got the car fixed, all 6 starter coils had to be replaced + a complete tune-up. There was a change the computer would have to be replaced (AGAIN), but it was the coils. We were freaking out because the battery light kept coming on, which is a sign of starter coil troubles, even after they were replaced. Turns out the battery is just too cold in this abnormally cold weather. I mean really, we went from severe drought to “alright, but a little droughty” in a month.

I have made a few updates I posted to tumblr, but I haven’t been able to post here. Mostly because I’m busy, but partly due to my forgetfulness when it comes to login information. I’m definitely changing my login info when I switch itsumo. So what are the updates? I made a base layout tutorial and part one of a four part tutorial. I had to film the most recent tutorial 3 times because I made several mistakes and it was getting confusing.

Photoshop Tutorial ~ Easy Abstract Base Header/Layout
Photoshop Tutorial ~ Making A Basic Realistic Wall

I’ve changed up a bit of my youtube account, but I’m still unsure as to whether or not I want to change my username/url there. It says I can change to “itsumotutorials”, which is nice, but it also says youtube reserves the right to take the username away at anytime. In good news, this new computer saves videos in a few minutes, no matter how long, so I can make some really long tutorials now.

I finally got the computer screen to look normal. It was actually really frustrating because I was comparing the computer screen to my cellphone and tablet, which have different screens. My phone is so vibrant, even on pictures I purposely made dull. I’m going to start changing links over on other sites, before I do this one. But for future reference (I will announce it when it happens), itsumo’s new url will be It hasn’t changed yet, I still have to code the new site.

I hope you all are doing well. A ton of comments were sorted into my spam, so I apologize for not replying. Stay safe!

So what’s going on?

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Okay! It’s been a while since I posted anything but life is still hectic. It’s never calm. Holidays just passed, my mom just started a new medication, the car is acting up, and now the landlord has to completely remodel the bathroom because the floor in sinking. Life. It took me a while to transfer over all my files to this new computer. Every time I thought I was done, I would remember something else. I finally got to a point where I think everything is transferred over. Only problem, I couldn’t transfer over my CS6 and now I’m using CS4. A couple programs I had are no longer made or available, so I had to find replacements.

This computer has a different screen than the older one, so everything is a lot brighter. I’m having a hard time editing because everything looks too bright, when it’s actually dark. When I plug it into the tv the color corrects itself. It’s just white and grays, or very light colors, that look bright. It doesn’t affect videos or pictures published. It’s odd.

I have a ton of stock built up to post on my site, but I haven’t had the time. I haven’t even been able to reply. I get a few minutes online here and there. If you want to see if I’ve posted anything new, my tumblr would be the best place to do so:

Now the main point of this post! My domain’s renewal is coming in April. I want to swap hosts, if I get the opportunity. This host’s server has incredible up-time, but the hosting site is down. I don’t know what to do.

LINKS HAVE NOT CHANGED YET. SO! When the time comes, I will swap this site over to as Then, will become my blog/food/random site while itsumo acts as my main resource site. Which means all of’s content will be merged into itsumo. Itsumo will have two sections: basic and advanced/professional. Content within those sections will be made on different experience levels. It will take a few months to work out how I’m going to swap everything around, but I’ll make sure to have the time.

Before that time comes, I will definitely respond to all your comments/messages/etc. I hope you are all well. Stay healthy. Happy New Year!