A million fonts, but none I like

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Hi there everyone~ It’s been a while since I posted anything, even though I thought I did (never published the post).

So, here’s the update on the previous post: Still nothing from Elise at ambizione.net. She hasn’t been online in forever and probably won’t be online again. What will I do? I’ve linked my tumblr to whenthestarsfall.org for the time being. I’ll probably let WSF expire, then create a new domain for itsumo. I haven’t decided on the domain name yet, because itsumo is obviously taken in .com and .org and will probably be taken in .net by the time I get around to making the new site. I honestly should had done this all sooner so I wouldn’t had encountered this problem, but I never expected it to happen in the first place. Now…on to better and brighter things.

I finally, after years of being way too lazy, made a texture pack. You might have seen it on deviant or tumblr, if you follow me there, but I’m still going to post it here because I’m proud of myself for finally making a texture pack. I know it’s nothing to most, but I have tons of single textures because I don’t like zipping files.

On to the title of this post…I really have too many fonts and I dislike every single one of them. I don’t normally dislike the fonts. I have issues when it comes to finalizing my layouts. I’ve completed the layout and get ready to add some text, but bam! I hate every font I have. I finally forced myself to accept a few fonts for the next layout. Here’s the preview.

It’s not a full preview because I don’t know how I’m going to code it yet. As for other updates, I have posted 3 parts of the 4 part series on a bedroom/room manipulation layout. I just need to post the last one on putting it all together. You can check those out on my youtube.

I’ve been meaning to post a lot more, since I’ve made a lot of new content for this site, but my internet has been so horrible since May 13th. It’s a long long long story, so I’ll tell you the short version. The internet company is installing their newest “high speed internet”, but haven’t actually connected it’s subscribers to the new internet. Their gardeners knocked out our internet line, they couldn’t reattach the line because (even though it’s a year old) it’s too old to connect to the new internet. A specialist came out and redid the line, but the internet is still going in and out. Blah blah blah. Et cetera.

I hope you are all well! Stay safe.

Why haven’t I updated?

May 9, 2017 Posted By Jessica, 4 Comments »
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Honestly, I’ve just been so upset I don’t even want to deal with any aspect of this site or wsf. I had all these plans made out for wsf (whenthestarsfall.org), only to have them trashed. You want to know what happened? I’ll tell you. First, promisedhost/ambizione (this site’s host) has been gone for a few months. I didn’t mind because I’d be switching this over to a subdomain on wsf once it was up. So wsf came up for renewal April 8th, same for the host, so I renewed the domain and applied for hosting elsewhere. Only to have that host’s host go down. Was she notified? No. Was I notified? No. But her life is hectic, so I don’t hold anything against her. So my site was down for a few weeks. Finally, since her site was gone, I applied elsewhere. Only to find out…

WSF has an account on the new host. What do you mean Jessica? PromisedHost/Ambizione is hosted on the same server as this new host, which means my old account must be deleted in order to have a new account made. I thought it was with the host whose site went down, but it sadly isn’t. Why sadly? Go check ambizione to see when she was last active. Yes, she is incredibly busy, but I basically wasted around $16 – $20 USD on hosting and renewing a site that probably won’t get up for a few months (if ever). Which means I have to sit here with nothing, unable to do anything, because not only does my real human life suck, but my internet life has to be chugging right along side it.

As for updates, I did make a few textures I posted to deviantart. I have made a new layout, but I don’t want it up yet because I’m still frustrated. I made a texture pack, but I haven’t gotten around to zipping it and I’m lazy. Here are the textures:

Sorry for sounding negative. It’s been 5 days since the new host contacted this host. I’m just out of patience. Especially after yesterday. My mom wanted to cut through Monterey Park to get to Walmart and Monterey Park has the worst drivers known to mankind. Then we finally got to Walmart to pick up some tanks for her and it was just irritating things upon irritating things left and right. Then my birthday is on the 14th, which is also Mother’s Day here, so we have to get everything early before the swarm of locusts. To top it all off, I have to go back to Monterey Park because that is the closest Marie Callendar’s and my mom and I want a pie for “our special day”.

Blah blah blah.

I hope you’re all doing well.